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Greece means culture. Greece means light. Traces imprinted everywhere with history and art in this country.

Travel and stay in the paradise of cultural tourism and more. Unique life experience on a journey through space and time.

In Greece you live in music, in poetry, in theater in every art form. You renew your soul with light and virtue.

In Greece you become the heirs and the protagonists of your own story.
Experience Greece with 300 days of sunshine, next to clear blue waters and breathtaking nature. Explore among 1400 islands and chat with the gods of Olympus, who nod to you, to get to know the ancient masterpieces of the Acropolis, Ancient Olympia, Delos, Delphi, Amphipolis, Knossos etc.

Small in geographical area, but huge in beautiful countries, which enchants you with the constant alternation of landscapes and images.

Wander on a constant journey of knowledge and revelation.

There are many reasons to fall in love and choose Greece, to make it your place. To choose to build or buy your house and to be passionate about the Greek way of life and to understand why Zeus ruled the world from this place.
The Select Properties and the Director Panos Panagiotopoulos, created the company over 20 years ago, and constantly strives to offer vigilant and diligent service regardless of market fluctuations, covering a wide range of requirements in the fields of real estate, construction and tourism.

Select Properties has an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team, who all understand that teamwork is key to excellent efficiency. Continuous training and development in all areas ensures that our staff are fully up to date with new legislation and market trends.

Reliability, honesty and transparency are our guarantees to each and every customer, and these contribute to our longstanding and leading presence in our specialised fields.

Our family is at your disposal, offering professionalism, respect for your needs and privacy, and a promise to evaluate and advise each individual customer. We ensure that our clients have all the facts and information to make the best choices possible, whether it be management, promotion, sale or rental in both the personal and business housing market. We are at your disposal throughout the whole process, so you know exactly where you are at all times.
The heart of our company beats in the centre of Old Chania town. We welcome you with kindness and a big smile, and we are always at your disposal, enabling you to explore the beauty of Chania, secure in the knowledge that our team is taking care of your needs and requirements every step of the way.

We are here to offer you services, to build or buy your own house, and to live your own dream in Greece.

We are professionals, we have extensive experience in the field of real estate and tourism and we can satisfy your every wish.

Live in Greece! Stay with us!!!

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