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Golden Visa

If you are a third-country national (living outside the EU) you have the opportunity to apply for a Golden Visa if the purchase price of your property is over €250,000. You would be eligible to receive, after signing your contract and completing the purchase, a 5-year residency permit, both for you and your family members – spouse or cohabiting partner, children under 21 years of age, and parents.

Select Properties can advise you about the necessary documents as well as undertake the procedures required to enable you to benefit from this special programme designed to grant and extended residence permit in Greece.

We will find you an experienced power of attorney or appoint another person as a tax representative (usually an accountant) in Greece in order for you to obtain a tax registration number (TIN). This procedure can be done either in person at the competent Tax Office, or by authorisation to a third party.

If you do not wish, or are unable to be present during the signing of the final contract of sale you can give power of attorney to you lawyer (either before a Greek notary or the competent Greek Consular authority in your place of residence). Thus, your lawyer can sign the required paperwork to complete the purchase of your property. However, if you wish to sign the final contract as a third-country national it is necessary to have either a visa or residency permit issued by a competent authority, either in Greece or another European country.

In practice therefore, it is possible to buy real estate in Greece without visiting the property, since all actions can be performed by your lawyer with power of attorney.

If you are interested in purchasing a property using the Golden Visa method please contact our office for more information.