Select Properties

Buying Process


When buying through Select Properties you can be assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way, acting as an intermediatory link with our experienced team of experts in legal, financial and commercial issues. We aim to free you from any worries and time-consuming processes involved with property buying.

We offer full assistance at all times, including a complete legal and technical inspection of the property and acquiring all the necessary supporting documents for a smooth and easy transfer of your new plot/home.


After you declare an interest in a particular home or plot one of our real estate consultants will inform you in detail about the specifics of that property. Once you are happy to go ahead, we will then ask you to pay a deposit to secure your interest.

The next step involves a legal audit concerning the ownership, the prefecture and the possession of the property/plot over the last 20 years, and we also check for any pending issues regarding the property. At the same time, a technical inspection is carried out by specialised associates regarding suitability and any peculiarities of the property. Once we have collected all the necessary public and supporting documents, transfer taxes are paid to the competent Tax Office.

You will need to open a Greek bank account if you do not already have one, as all payments will be made through this account as proof of your tax obligations. The process is then completed in the notary office of your choice in the presence of the two parties’ lawyers, together with the real estate consultant who mediated in the purchase process.

In all costs we include the fees of the notary and lawyer, which will be determined by agreement beforehand.

At every step of this exciting journey, we are available to answer any questions you may have, large or small – we make it easy for you!