Select Properties



Select Properties ensures a living environment that is efficient and at the same time reduces energy consumption for you. It keeps up perfectly with the new construction trends and offers specialized solutions for your own green bioclimatic house.

Starting from the architectural structure of the building, the correct zoning of the building on the plot and based on the absolute respect and uniqueness of the surrounding area, we can save 80% of energy compared to a conventional building.

We want the greatest benefit for you to live in a healthier and brighter space, at affordable price.

We make sure your home is cool in summer, warm in winter and takes advantage of natural light for most of the day. To have good indoor air quality, while minimising the inflow of pollutants into the space. To have high heat-accumulating and sound-insulating capacity. To balance the humidity in the space, to have excellent anti-seismic behaviour, high fire resistance, low energy consumption and therefore reduction on energy utility bills. We create the right micro-climate and a fertile natural environment.

Contact our team to have the quality of life you deserve.