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Digital Nomads

We can provide everything you will need in order to live an exceptional life in Crete, allowing you to enjoying living in Chania, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, for as long as you wish to.

There is an inexhaustible supply of places to explore – archaeological sites, majestic mountains, stunning gorges and beaches, together with great weather for most of the year. All consumer goods can be found here, and we have an international airport nearby which allows you to move directly, whenever and wherever you wish.

The low cost of living, the high internet speeds, the security and easy adaptability of the island, the wonderful nightlife, the nature, the infrastructure, the hospitality of the Cretan people and the wonderful lifestyle will all inspire you to be productive, as you combine work and pleasure on this beautiful island.

You need only to buy your ticket and we will do the rest. Contact us directly and we will take care of all the procedures needed to live the life you dream about in Chania