The much-loved Rethymno does not accidentally magnetise the hearts of all travellers. It seduces you and conquers you.
The absolutely diverse destination of Crete. In Rethymno, you enjoy life you become the lover of life, in a nostalgic atmosphere you have unlimited options.

The majestic Psiloritis in Rethymno, welcomes you with the melodies of the Cretan lyre to treat you to tsikoudia to tour its traditional mountain villages, to admire the fertile valleys, the steep shores that emerge through the rough and rocky, rocky, rocky
to cool off in the crystal clear waters of incomparable beauty of the Cretan Sea.
In Rethymno everywhere there are natural landscapes of infinite beauty, diamond beaches and high quality gastronomy.

A journey through time through the numerous archaeological sites with rare and great archaeological findings. Historic monasteries, religious monuments of great historical importance, stone chapels, mountain villages with traditional settlements, legendary caves, gorges and a life in carefree rhythms, accompanied by excellent local delicacies.

Walk to the old town of Rethymnon, which is full of surprises. Rethymnon means enjoyment. Admire the most beautiful sunset from the Fortress and the Fortress overlooking the old lighthouse.
See the old mansions with the ornate doors and coats of arms that adorn them.

For lovers of luxury there are many luxury tourist resorts, restaurants, accommodation and hotels that will offer you the amenities you need to feel unique.

It is no coincidence that Rethymnon is one of the most popular tourist destinations internationally and we are here to make sure you take a dream vacation or find the house of your dreams for a new life on the Island of Minos in the beloved Rethymnon.

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