The Prefecture of Lasithi has a strong identity combined by rich history, going back to Prehistoric times, and natural beauty
The place where Zeus was born.

It is no coincidence that it has gained worldwide fame as the ideal destination. Lasithi is distinguished for its luxurious tourist infrastructure and has one of the most important ecosystems in the Mediterranean.
Interesting people, such as Heads of state, princes, famous artists, VIPs are its visitors from all over the world.

Lasithi is full of beautiful beaches, charming coves, tropical landscapes, fertile lands, nature trails.
Suitable for historical, archaeological research and religious tourism.

Lasithi is a vacation destination, for all tastes and budgets.

Amazing Cretan delicacies from local fruits and vegetables of Crete, cooked with excellent quality of extra vergin local olive oil and wine from a local variety of raisins, which delights even the heart of Dionysus.

We are here to welcome you and to host and care for you, in this sacred place.
Get a dream house, with a courtyard flooded with herbal scents, to enjoy the delicious Greek coffee and tsikoudia with local delicacies.

Because you LIVE ONCE, choose Crete … !!!

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