Heraklion, the treasure of Crete, the cradle of civilization in the eastern Mediterranean. The city that connects three continents and different cultures.

This is where the Minoan Civilization was born. From the Throne Room we welcome you and offer you the sweetest wine, to admire the true magic of Crete and to experience the Cretan hospitality.

Heraklion, the city that is full of life, all seasons, invites you to follow in the footsteps of El Greco and Kazantzakis and become your starting point for strong life experiences.

Heraklion gathers around it most of the sights, which take you to its exciting and long history.

Start with a walk on the giant Venetian walls (the largest in the Mediterranean), admire the Palace of King Minos, and travel back in time inside the rare exhibits that you will see in the Archaeological and Historical Museums of Heraklion.

At the Museum of Natural History, you will get to know the rare flora and fauna of the island and at the Aquarium of Crete you will live the magical experience that the spectacular world of the seabed offers.

Picturesque beautiful villages, ornaments that emerge through olive groves and vineyards, or stand proudly in Psiloritis.

Beaches with crystal clear waters, secluded dunes and small taverns waiting to charm you with local delicacies, raki and delicious traditional food.

It is no coincidence that, the oldest house in Europe was found in Knossos Heraklion, dating from 7000 BC.

Minos chose to build his palace in Heraklion, why not you? We are close to you to take care, to find or build your own palace or the house you dream of, because you deserve to live as Royalty …

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