Chania is a city that has been conquered and loved by the Romans, the Venetians, the Crusaders and the Ottomans.  The city has given birth to Eros, philosophy, democracy and the Arts.  The island of Crete itself has more history and beautiful diverse landscapes than many whole countries have.

Time in the city stands still and invites you to sit and philosophise for a while, and to get lost in the countless years of history which it carries.  It makes you live life with passion, and to leave no moment free.  Family and friends always take priority here.  You live proudly and become one with nature.  You live life to the full, sometimes on the magical beaches and in the clear blue sea, sometimes high up in the mountains like an eagle, finding hidden trails and losing yourself in the magnificence of your surroundings.

There are no clouds to mar the blue skies from May to September.

If you have courage and stamina, then the nightlife of Chania lasts until dawn! Time to have fun and rejuvenate your soul – every day.

As for Cretan cuisine… we have the freshest seafood, olive oil, fruit and vegetables which are best eaten in a local taverna by the sea or in a remote village, with ouzo, raki, wine or strong, tasty local beer.

There is always time for a coffee break, and in Crete this is sacred because it is always accompanied by the best company.

In Chania you create life and relationships, and you feel beautiful because you experience the most beautiful love of life here.  In Chania everyone is welcomed with open arms and the sun always shines…

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