Crete is the island that makes your heart beat faster.
Crete is the mysterious and generous island that hides the whole soul of Greece.
It impresses you, seduces you, captivates you with its history, culture and spirit.

Minos welcomes you to his palace, to host you on the island that gave birth to the god Zeus.
In every corner of the island, where you wander carefree, there is a wise old man, waiting for you to offer you Dako, olives, and raki.
To share with you, a story about the legends and traditions of the island and to sing to you softly, mantinathes.
You feel Crete as your big family, which embraces you with hospitality, love and respect.

Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion Agios Nikolaos, the main big cities of the island, with exotic beaches of unsurpassed beauty.
Mountains and gorges, which invite you to cross them and explore them, through countless paths.
You meet Kri Kri and you get lost in the smells of the wild and rare herbs of the island.

Dozens of species of rare animals and tall birds invite you to the low hills and high mountain peaks or steep cliffs.
Fertile plains of oranges and lemons, whose flowers smell and caress all your senses.
You dance in olive groves, with silver shades of sunlight, you get drunk in vineyards with Dionysus, while you get lost in forests of chestnuts, oaks and palm trees
ending in golden beaches with crystal clear waters.
Crete becomes your Paradise.
A paradise for all ages and financial opportunities.
Modern luxury tourist resorts, with all the amenities, provide services that serve your every wish.
Frenzy parties until sunrise, for a lively nightlife.
Refreshing juices from fresh delicious fruits and endless dives in the sea.
If, again, you are a lover of peace and quiet, then enjoy romantic walks in alleys of another era, with flavors under the light
of the moon, in colors and landscapes that become the ultimate setting to experience thrilling experiences and the quintessence of the Cretan soul.
Crete is full of Minoan palaces, excellent museums, and archeological sites.
You will understand through your visits to Byzantine temples and monasteries the passion and love of the great Cretan artist ELGRECO for the island.

One of the largest aquariums in the Mediterranean is waiting for you and if you are adventurous you can do mountaineering or climbing on the mountain peaks of the island.
Become children again and enjoy with your friends water sports, waterparks, golf and diving. For fans of 4×4 innumerable dirt roads for powerful experiences.

Impressive, ancient and proud and spectacular, it becomes the ultimate destination, for your most powerful travel experiences and the ideal place to buy or build your dream home. You decide and we make it a reality.
Why do you live here…!

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